Leadership is about accomplishing change through the efforts of others. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a widely used, research based framework that helps people understand more about themselves and their interactions with others. Reported benefits are that it strengthens emotional and social intelligence, enables individuals and groups to work to their strengths, helps individuals to build better relationships and manage their behaviour to achieve better outcomes.

For more information on how Myers Briggs can be used by individuals and groups please contact us.

Recent work with clients includes:

  • Leadership development – developing your authentic and effective leadership style - individual coaching programme or as part of commissioned leadership programme
  • Team building- improving communication and productivity across departments to achieve organisational targets
  • Career Planning - as part of individual coaching programme
  • Problem solving/conflict resolution - embedding organisational change

“Understanding the powerful role of emotions in the workplace sets the best leaders apart from the rest – not just in tangibles such as better business results and the retention of talent, but also in the all-important intangibles such as higher morale, motivation and commitment.”

Daniel Goleman
The New Leaders