Leaders and businesses increasingly recognise coaching as the most reliable way of improving individual performance, team performance and organisational performance.

“On a personal level I have achieved and continue to achieve work life balance and my business has increased its profit by 50%.......I have benefitted from quick changing resolutions for important problems that I thought I couldn’t overcome, but the coaching techniques Margaret used meant that I was able to decipher what needed to be done and to set my own achievable goals to accomplish this. Margaret instilled a belief in me that assured me there were no limits to what I could achieve even through the difficult times I was experiencing.”

John Barber

Some of the coaching programmes we have successfully provided on an individual and group coaching basis include:
  • Developing Leaders –4-8 sessions over  6-12 months,  face to face  and telephone coaching with email support for individuals and as part of bespoke leadership programmes
  • Major organisational and structural change – 6-12 month programmes for individuals and/or groups.
  • Strategic/business Planning – 2-3 group coaching sessions with specific focus on facilitating  development of strategic plan
  • Surviving the first 3 months in a new role – 3-6 months of individual coaching support
  • Career Planning/job interview preparation – 1-6 sessions of  individual coaching
  •  Achieving results in a recession – 3-6 month programme for leaders of SMEs
Participants find our coaching focused, motivating and challenging. Benefits include improved confidence, improved wellbeing, increased ability to influence, manage relationships, give and receive feedback and be more effective in both personal and work life..
“Margaret’s personal style of gently teasing out the issue and then getting me to come up with solutions was pitched at exactly the right level. She was very skilled at connecting the personal and work life beliefs/actions and assisting me to see the interconnections. This led to a very useful and practical understanding of how to manage certain real time situations and adopt new thinking and skills in order to bring some work/life balance.”

Assistant Director
Health Care Organisation

“Margaret is a particularly thoughtful and insightful person with an impressive range of skills. Her questioning is both sharp and sensitive and has really helped me to move on my most challenging issues. She is endlessly patient and has a quick sense of humour that always adds energy to our sessions. I thoroughly recommend her as a coach.”

Jane Cook
Linden Learning

Each coaching programme is designed in partnership with the individual or group, and if part of an organisation the contract is set up on a tripartite basis.
To find out more about how coaching can help you please contact us.