Action Learning is a form of learning in groups to develop individuals, teams and organisations. It enables people to look at real life challenges using a structured process. Based on open questions and using the skills of listening, reflection and critical thinking individuals are challenged and supported to find alternative solutions to intractable issues/situations.

Action learning can be used to bring individuals together in groups/sets of 5-8 who may come from a diversity of backgrounds or from within an organisation, for example around a project theme or significant change.

Areas around which we have recently facilitated action learning programmes include:
  • In leadership development programmes for directors and senior managers – 3-6 sessions over 6-12 months, promoting learning and development of transferable leadership skills
  • In change management situations - organisational growth/downsizing and mergers – 4-6 sessions over 6-12 months
  • In personal and team development – group coaching/ action learning set programme 4-6 session over 4-8 months
  • In service improvement initiative, across organisations, to achieve new national standards- 6-8 session over 12 months.

Sample of participant feedback received::

  • “Action learning enabled me to be open to new ways of managing change, looking outside the box, moving away from old approaches to look at alternative solutions….increased my ability to take on new changes.”
  • “…gave me time to reflect in a safe environment.”
  • “I saw the benefit of working collaboratively to solve problems and now apply the learning and new skills at work – it has freed up so much time”

A common theme in feedback is just having time to think and reflect ….
“Everything we do depends for its quality on the thinking we do first. Our thinking depends on the quality of our attention for each other”
Nancy Kline, Time to Think

Action learning programmes are designed in partnership with you to meet your needs. ‘Taster’ sessions are available.

We also provide facilitator training to enable organisations to embed an action learning approach internally. Recently we have started to facilitate virtual action learning sets. To learn more about how action learning might help you please contact us.